What I do

Sujay S is an Aviator with Sony Alpha turn out to be a professional photographer after vigorous training from celebrity photographer & certification. He Strive for perfection for every picture he shoot, paying great attention to capturing and preserving beautiful moments of your lifetime.

Our Team

Team of Experienced, Young, & Energetic Talents who are committed to make sure you have the timeless images to re-live the moments. We mainly focus on Client’s requirements and Our Team ensure high quality service. We would love to capture your joyous moment anywhere in the world, whether your Tietheknot is on exotic beach of Bora Bora or sweet wedding in your ancestral village.

Our Goal

Our goal is to show the beauty, grace, strength and enthusiasm of people. we want the person to be able to feel what the person feels, to live the moment in time for decades with our art.

International Photography AWARD – WINNERS